Growth once provided solutions, now it provides problems

The issue of water supply in the Sydney region is highly contentious as shown by your article about Warragamba Dam (MPs urge for alternatives to dam wall raise, SMH 6/10/21). Our usual solution to shortages is to address the supply side. In this case raise the dam wall. Not only is this extremely expensive in both economic and environmental terms, it will probably be unsustainable in light of climate change and population growth.

The article seeks alternatives. What about demand management via the stabilisation of the population? Quite apart from ameliorating water shortages, this approach has several upsides. Think reduced congestion and housing pressure and avoiding the steep general infrastructure costs incurred by more people. As well it would be democratic since a large majority of Sydneysiders think that the city is full. Further it would be a step towards sustainability, surely of vital importance for future generations.

Growth once provided solutions, now it provides problems. Warragamba is only one example.

Alan Jones Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) 8 October 2021

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