Learn by rote

Bob McDonald (Letters, January 4) doesn’t like repetition and criticises Mr Mackenzie for so doing on climate change.

Yes, repetition does wear one down, but might Bob’s real motive be disbelief in anthropogenic climate change, in common with those governing Australia?

And if so, when ScoMo et al continue repeatedly to evade balanced debate on the subject, and repeatedly promote fossil fuel energy, does Mr McDonald object to that repetition?

Do those with contrary views, and there are many, have any alternative but to emulate ScoMo’s repetition?

Another area of repetition is opinion on Australia’s human numbers and their rate of growth. Debate on that at the political level is selectively confined to the short term supposed economic benefits of growth, all social and environmental impacts ignored. Why?

Because full debate would offend big money interests and the property and construction industries, all beneficiaries of rapid growth. No surprise they are so influential in shaping immigration fuelled “big Australia” government policies. How they must be hating COVID-19.

Those with longer term, more balanced, views embracing society and looming water shortages, have no alternative but to promote them by repetition.

Vincent Patulny The Canberra Times 5 January 2021

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