Liberal ponzi scheme

The ACT Liberals were fast out of the blocks in this election campaign offering all things to all people including crowd-pleasers such as car registration cost cuts and a rates freeze, along with a simultaneous promise to maintain services and to fund a whole lot of great new projects.

Who could fail to be seduced? We were also assured there won’t be the standard Liberal resort to attacking social and environmental programs ad cutting public service jobs It was hard to shake the sense this was classic Magic Pudding budgeting.

But then all was revealed. We would have government by Ponzi scheme as official policy in the form of massive population growth to fund everything! Canberra is to be Big Australia in miniature, even though we’ve seen how this large population growth model has been a debacle for communities elsewhere.

Unfortunately there was no mention of where all these extra many thousands tens of are to live and which landscapes are to be chewed up to house them. There seemed to be no grasping that all these extra people would themselves require new government expenditure and ever more people to fund that. I’m not sure whether it’s the most irresponsible and boneheaded budgetary strategy I’ve ever heard, or he most cynical.

David Jenkins Canberra Times 1 October 2020

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