Population factor

WHILE I broadly agree with Renee Watson that excessive consumption is a major factor to be addressed in reducing CO2 emissions, it is not completely accurate to say “it is too much consumption that is driving climate change, not overpopulation” (“Fossil fuel blame”, The Advertiser, Thursday),.

Poorer countries such as Nigeria have low per-person emissions. However, the UN predicts that its population will increase from its present 206 million to about 730 million (median projection) by 2100.

So, even though their emissions per person are low compared to relatively affluent countries such as Australia, their total emissions will massively increase.

This will worsen as the Nigerians understandably seek more affluent lifestyles. And there are many countries like Nigeria.

I realise that the matter of limiting population increase is contentious, but it must be tackled if our mother Earth is to continue to be liveable.

Bob Couch Adelaide Advertiser 5 September 2020

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