Shrinking demand will soon hit construction sector

Construction activity, like everything else, responds to demand. It has been driven in large part for many years by high annual population growth of 400,000 including immigration at 240,000 people a year. COVID-19 has stopped that immigration. Nobody knows if or when it will ever resume.

Those earning a living in construction may soon experience shrinking demand. There’ll be too many land and property developers, project managers, architects, engineers, surveyors, builders, tradesmen, real estate agents, conveyancers, and suppliers of materials and appliances.

Is COVID-19 forcing upon Australia an ultimate inevitability, the end to impossible, unlimited growth in human numbers?

Before COVID-19 arrived the weather was already messaging us; more frequent droughts and water supply crises in the Murray Darling Basin – evidence we were exceeding our environmental limits. Only economists and madmen would deny that and seek a return to it.

Vincent Patulny Canberra Times 26 July 2020

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