Way to go Crispin

Congratulations to Crispin Hull who referred to “… high immigration and high population growth, which enriches the few at the expense of the many, and at the expense of the natural environment and its nonhuman inhabitants” (“Scaremongering on population doesn’t help anyone“, canberratimes.com.au, August 29).

Hull’s comments are a welcome antidote to the considerable nonsense served up recently about cuts to immigration, and thus population growth, made necessary by the COVID-19 crisis. What riles me most are those about loss in property values, as though home owners and investors were the only ones who mattered.

How many times does it have to be said that every new person added to the population costs at least $100,000 in public money? KPMG seems to ignore this. By all means maintain, and even extend, the refugee program, but apart from some spouse reunion, the only migrants the country needs are those with high skills that can help with the economic recovery, particularly in the renewable energy sector so that it can be an integral part of the recovery when it comes.

Jenny Goldie Canberra Times 5 September 2020

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