Martin Tye

Staff /
Social Media and Promotions Coordinator


About me:

I’m a passionate environmentalist, long time small business owner, and hold a Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Geography.

I’ve run three time as a political candidate (2 Federal, 1 State). As I was representing a minor party, with little chance of election, I primarily used this opportunity as a platform to speak to people about the ecological, social and economic dangers of population expansion and an economy focused on endless “growth”.

I also represent the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE) as their “Australian Regional Communities Director” where I advance the case for the economics of balance and sustainable scale. This very much meshes with both the wasteful overconsumption and overpopulation issues.

I also run a blog on the writing platform Medium, a popular Twitter account with over 12K followers, and have been interviewed on numerous podcasts including the Post Growth Australia Podcast.

I hate- corruption, lies, greed, eco-vandals, apathy and ignorance.

I love- surfing, bushwalking, coffee, swagging it, small business, family and educating.

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