ALP’s population commitment welcomed (sep)

2 September 2004

Media Releases 2004


The ACT ALP’s commitment to move to the development of a population policy, in which ecological impacts as well as economic implications would be considered, has been welcomed by Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). The commitment was part of the ALP’s sustainability policy released on 28 September.

“For years it’s been the habit of governments in Australia – national, State and Territory – to say they do not have a population policy”, the president of the Canberra branch of SPA, Giff Jones, said. “But there are in fact a raftload of policies which have a direct bearing on population size. For example, the Commonwealth has policies relating to families and to the migration program, while States and Territories have policies aimed at attracting industry and people”.

“As the ALP’s policy statement recognises, the relationship between population, social cohesion and the environment is deeply complex”, Mr Jones said. “In the event that the ALP is returned to office, SPA looks forward to contributing to the development of a population policy for the ACT.”

Further information: Giff Jones 02 6286 1752 or 0402 103 842


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