Bulging cities focus of new environmental campaign

17 November 2021

A new video shows how Canberrans are pushing back after years of simmering concern about the prodigious growth of the city. .

The video called My Bulging City is produced by Canberra journalist Rod Taylor. It is part of a campaign by environmental group Sustainable Population Australia (SPA).

“We are increasingly aware that our city is struggling to house, service and transport ever more people,” Mr Taylor says.

“There’s growing resentment amongst voters about, not just the relentless development, but also government rates and charges. Building a city like this doesn’t come free.

“Traffic congestion is getting worse while hospitals and schools are struggling to keep up.

“What was once celebrated as the bush capital is becoming yet another concrete jungle.”

SPA launched the My Bulging City campaign in order to document the destructive impacts of population growth and urban sprawl in Australian cities.

SPA national president Jenny Goldie says the launch of the My Bulging Cities campaign is timely because as the pandemic eases, the Federal government and some business interests are keen to drive up immigration and, in turn, population growth. NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet wants to see an ‘explosive surge’ of 400,000 migrants a year.

“None will admit to the negative impacts of population growth on the lives of Australians, on the destruction of green space that is essential for the well-being of people and nature, nor the huge infrastructure costs that will ultimately be borne by taxpayers,” Ms Goldie says.

“Australians are seeing the effects of growth foisted upon them and they’re not happy.”

“The My Bulging City campaign is seeking contributions from ordinary citizens about the destructive impacts of population growth on their own neighbourhoods,” Ms Goldie explains.

“We are asking people from all around Australia to send us their photos and videos, to see what is happening at grassroots level.  We will put these together in short videos and documents so everyone can get to see the impacts of population growth. Very often the local impacts are just brushed under the carpet and left invisible to people not in the area.”


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