Dick Smith’s new book ‘welcome’

1 August 2017

Media Releases 2017

Sustainable Population Australia Inc.

Patrons: Hon. Bob Carr, Dr Paul Collins, Prof Tim Flannery, Em Prof Ian Lowe, Dr Mary E White

Youth Ambassador: Ms Bindi Irwin


Sustainable Population Australia welcomes Dick Smith’s new book “Fair Go”, in which he points out the irrefutable costs to Australia’s environment and way of life, if our current rate of population growth continues. Housing affordability is only one of the casualties of Australia’s past decade of supercharged population growth.

“It is sad to see that so much of the media response has failed to engage with Dick’s arguments, but instead tried to discredit him with accusations of racism,” said SPA national president Dr James Ward. “Over the past decade, Australia has had the highest immigration rate in the developed world. It is not racist to suggest that the numbers should be moderated.”

“Recent immigrants are among the most disadvantaged by ongoing high population growth,” said Dr Ward. “They are more likely to be in rental housing and competing for the same jobs as new arrivals. So they have the most to gain by a moderation of immigration numbers.”

“Sustainable Population Australia believes that, within a smaller overall immigration quota, Australia’s immigrants should be selected without regard to race or ethnicity. Dick Smith has repeatedly affirmed this principle, and rejected the cultural selection proposed by Senator Pauline Hanson. Yet too often the media implies an association between them in order to discredit Dick.

“With real wages officially going backwards, household debt higher than almost anywhere on earth, urban infrastructure in crisis and peri-urban environments under constant assault, it is high time for a mature debate on Australia’s demographic future.

Sustainable Population Australia applauds Dick Smith for his contribution to this debate. We hope that the media will follow his example and focus on evidence rather than innuendo.”

Further information: Dr James Ward president@population.org.au


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