Earth day – forum calls for action on climate change in South east Queensland (APR)

22 April 2007

Media Releases 2007

Earth Day

In keeping with the theme for Earth Day 2007, “A call for action on climate change”, a

public forum at Indigiscapes in Capalaba Saturday called for a halt to the South East

Queensland Regional Plan until climate change and protection of our natural environment

are factored into the planning process.

Predictions in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report, released on

6th April, are that ‘’ongoing coastal development and population growth in areas such as

Cairns and Southeast Queensland… are projected to exacerbate risks from sea-level rise

and increases in the severity and frequency of storms and coastal flooding by 2050.”

Simon Baltais, President of Sustainable Population Australia – South East

Queensland Branch, says that these warnings, together with the state’s mapping of

valuable natural areas, are being ignored in the SEQ Plan.

“Impacts of increased bushfire risk and rising sea levels on settlement patterns and

on our natural areas have not adequately been considered in the Plan,” said Baltais.

“Less rainfall and increased evaporation are drying up our water supplies, yet we continue

to cram more people into this area.”

“The animals and plants of this region will need places to spread if they are to

survive the extremes of increases in temperature and drying and increased intensity of

rainfall and flooding,” said Baltais.

The SEQ Regional Plan requires local governments to continue to spread

development in low-lying areas and on steep slopes.  It also increases density in those

areas most at risk.

“This Plan is outdated before it’s implemented,” said Baltais.  “It’s based on past

poor planning and should not go ahead.”

The Forum passed a resolution calling on all levels of government to slow

development and factor in climate change and nature conservation for all future planning

for the area.

For more information about the outcomes of this public meeting:

Simon Baltais, President, SPA-SEQ, Mb: 0412 075 334

Sustainable Population Australia – SEQ Branch, Box 199, Mudgeeraba Qld 4213


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