Fenner conference to critically examine Australian agriculture

19 February 2022

Media Releases 2022


After 230 years of European Agriculture in Australia, it is time to critically examine what this land has, and should have, taught us, according to one of the speakers at the 2022 Fenner Conference, Making Australian agriculture sustainable.

The conference will be held in person and on-line at the Academy of Science’s Shine Dome on the ANU campus in Canberra on March 17 and 18, 2022.

Soil microbiologist and co-founder of Regenerate Earth, Walter Jehne, says we need to define where our agricultural systems and impacts are currently going and where they need to go.

“We must address the problems that confront us, including climate extremes, soil degradation, aridification, and loss of productivity and resilience,” says Jehne. “We then need to look at the options available to reverse this ecological and natural capital decline in time.

“If agriculture is to be truly sustainable, we also need to address the challenges of debt, and the decline of rural viability and markets.

“While nature provides practical solutions to these imperatives, will we recognise and use them wisely in time?” Jehne asks. “What changes must we make to our agriculture to regenerate key processes, restore formerly hydrated productive bio-systems, and cool the climate?

“We need to discuss how we make these changes in time, namely, over this next decade.”

The Fenner Conference features many other high-profile speakers including authors, academics and farmers. It is being organised by Sustainable Population Australia, Regenerate Earth and the Fenner Foundation. Further information including registration can be found at www.sustainableag.org.au


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