Generosity hides greed (NOV)

16 February 2009

Media Releases 2009

‘Both Labor and the Coalition simulate generosity to home buyers while deliberately, and with selfish

motive, driving up house prices through rapid and forced population growth’ said Dr John Coulter today,

commenting on the announced policies of both parties.

‘The various subsidies and handouts promised by both parties to would-be struggling home buyers will

circulate back to those associated with the real estate, ‘development’, building and construction industries

that in turn have made, and will no doubt continue to make, large donations to the Labor and Coalition


‘A number of these industries are associated with the Australian Population Institute (APop) which seeks

an even more rapid increase in Australia’s population. The self-interest of these groups is obvious. The

inaugural address to APop was given by Richard Pratt who called for a population in Australia of 50

million by 2050. Steve Vizard has also associated himself with the call for much higher population growth

and with the Victorian Labor Government. Both Pratt and Vizard have had brushes with the law over

behaviour which many would characterise as greed.

‘It is abundantly clear that the 21 million people in Australia are not living sustainably. Further population

increase will make all our environmental problems including climate change and water supply harder to

solve yet population has not been mentioned by either party. The reason is not hard to find.

‘Just as the coal industry established a cosy relationship with the Coalition and held back the latter’s

address on climate change so these industries associated with ‘development’, housing, real estate and

construction have, for the same selfish reasons, bought the support of both parties for high population


‘The most disgusting aspect of this duplicity is that the parties are hiding their self interest behind a

dishonest screen of generosity toward struggling would-be home owners’ concluded Dr Coulter.

For further information or comment Contact Dr John Coulter, National President, Sustainable Population

Australia. 08/8388 2153  Email:


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