Government inaction on population growth is destroying South east Queensland (APR)

16 February 2009

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The inaction of the Queensland Government to implement stronger planning

controls on population growth in South East Queensland is resulting in the destruction of

the region’s many values say conservationists.

A public forum titled “Populating the life out of paradise” held at Redlands

IndigiScapes on Saturday, noted that SEQ’s population growth was unsustainable,

resulting in excessive loss of open space and natural areas, congested roads and failing

public infrastructure and services.

Mr. Simon Baltais, President of Sustainable Population Australia SEQ Branch,

said that the Forum called for a moratorium on growth imposed by the SEQ Plan until a

referendum is held on whether or not the proposed expansion in population is supported

by the existing residents of the region; the Plan is reviewed with regard to its impacts on

biodiversity, climate change and the quality of life of existing residents; and, legislation

is introduced to remove injurious affection from the development process.

“The residents are watching their quality of life go down the gurgler,” said

Baltais. “They are expected to accept less in basic services, such as water, but pay more

for it and hand over any savings made to new arrivals.”

“It is unacceptable to destroy the region’s quality of life because the Queensland

Government holds a simplistic view that they can do nothing about it,” said Baltais.

“SEQ population growth has the State Government running around like chooks

with their head cut off trying to fund infrastructure for an unsustainable growth pattern

they created.

“Instead they should stabilize our population and spend public funds on

improving services and addressing issues such as affordable housing,” said Baltais.

For more information about this important issue:

Simon Baltais, President, SPA-SEQ, Mob: 0412 075 334

Sustainable Population Australia – SEQ Branch, Box 199, Mudgeeraba Qld 4213


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