MR: bindi Irwin show intelligence, wisdom and courage

29 January 2013

Media Releases 2013

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) has commended Bindi Irwin on having the courage to stand up to Hillary Clinton. Her 1000-word essay on overpopulation of the planet was so edited by Secretary of State’s office that the 14 year-old Bindi withdrew it.

Bindi was frustrated by the experience and said: “The true test of freedom of speech is when someone says something you don’t like.”

SPA National President, Ms Sandra Kanck, says Bindi has shown intelligence, wisdom and courage and deserves the full support of the Australian community.

“In carrying on the work of her late father Steve in trying to preserve wildlife, she correctly recognises that animals are affected by the excessive numbers of humans on the planet.”

Ms Kanck noted that this incident with Hillary Clinton’s office came at the same time as naturalist broadcaster David Attenborough said humans were ‘a plague’ upon the planet.

“Animals need natural habitat to survive. Both Attenborough and Bindi Irwin know this. They know humans are destroying natural forests and other habitats to grow food for their burgeoning numbers or crops to fuel their cars.

“We have much to learn from this man in the twilight of his career and from Bindi at the dawn of hers.”Further information: Sandra Kanck 08 8336 4114

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