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10 September 2012

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Richard Heinberg, journalist and educator who has written extensively on oil depletion, begins his two week Australian tour on Friday 14 September. He is the author of ten books and a senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute. In Australia, he will speak to his latest book, “The End of Growth”.

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) is hosting the visit, though other organisations are co-sponsoring talks in six states.

National President of SPA, Ms Sandra Kanck, says: “We believe the message that Richard Heinberg brings is absolutely critical. Economic and population growth must inevitably end because of energy and resource constraints.

“We are facing that point now,” says Ms Kanck. “Conventional oil supplies have peaked and only unconventional sources of oil with heavy environmental costs are maintaining the status quo. It is only a matter of time before the age of cheap oil and readily available resources will be over. We must decide how we move to this new future with minimal social and environmental cost.”

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