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17 February 2014

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Melbourne-based comedian Rod Quantock is bringing his latest show Peak-a-boo to Sydney next week at the invitation of the NSW branch of Sustainable Population Australia (SPA).

Quantock says he hopes to enlighten people about what we can expect in the future. In the show he examines some of the things we will start running low on later this century; oil, coal, water, fertiliser, food.

According to SPA’s NSW branch president, Mr Kris Spike, while this may seem no laughing matter, Quantock says it actually provides very fertile ground for his unique brand of humour.

“Rod predicts that future generations won’t judge kindly our current mad rush to dig up as much as we can and use it as fast as we can,” says Spike. “He also imagines people looking back at us from the future saying ‘Might’ve been nice if they’d left a little bit in the ground for us’”.

Ever the optimist, Quantock believes that some things will be in plentiful supply. Short-sighted politicians will provide a seemingly limitless resource if we can find ways to put them to good use, according to Quantock.

“And with an extra three billion people coming onto the planet there won’t be any shortage of reasons to fight with our neighbours over what remains,” Quantock says.

Rod Quantock has a history of getting audiences to think about serious issues by making them laugh. Two of his previous shows tackling climate change, Bugger the Polar Bears this is Serious, and Pardon my Carbon were acclaimed by audiences and critics alike.

Peak-a-boo is currently running as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival and comes to Sydney for one night only on Friday February 21, 7.00pm at the Mitchell Theatre, 280 Pitt St. Bookings through Ticketmaster.

For interview or further comment contact Rod on 0438 862 079 or Kris Spike on 0457 079 617

What the critics have to say

(Rod) is the refreshing word on climate change… (He) has found a way through the science, the economics, the politics, and the apathy. His formidable knowledge is slathered in wit.’ THE CANBERRA TIMES

‘You’ll learn some great tips for rebuttal when it comes to the deniers and the do-nothings polluting the climate change debate. Rod says everything you want to say. Everything you want to scream. He’s right, but Bugger The Polar is more than just catharsis for greenies. Much more.’


‘In today’s world it’s important to learn, but it’s equally important to laugh. Quantock had us doing both (with) wit, character and knowledge. He is current, relevant, honest and hilariously brutal.’


‘Quantock is the archetypal wise fool adrift in a dark and dangerous world. Very funny and very true.’


‘We walked away entertained, reflective and finally, amazed.’


‘Hilarious, accessible and passionate”


‘His genius is people’


‘A national treasure.’


‘He is our best political comedian.  He may simply be our best comedian.’


‘Revolutionary, outrageous, weird.  He is a master of effortless comedy.


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