Past the time to give precedence to the environment: garnaut report (FEB)

21 February 2008

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Past the Time to give Precedence to the Environment:

Garnaut Report   

‘One can only hope that the ignorance shown by Anna Bligh, the Premier of Queensland is

not shared by our Prime Minister’ remarked Dr Coulter, this afternoon when he saw the

Premier’s comments on the Garnaut Report.

‘The Queensland Premier seems not to realise that if we don’t have an environment we

don’t have an economy and we don’t have a future for our children’ commented Dr

Coulter. Ms Bligh has said, ‘There must be a balance between the environment and the


‘It is this naive nibbling away at the environment through misguided bleats about balance

that has brought humanity to the edge of a cataclysmic collapse. Fifty percent of fifty

percent of fifty percent leaves only twelve and a half percent for the environment yet

Premier Bligh wants to halve that again. It is well past the time when the environment

must take precedence.

‘Continual economic and population growth are not consistent with an environmentally

sustainable future. Anna Bligh, like every other Australian Premier wants more growth.

She has just seen in devastated Mackay one small result of climate change yet she would

pack another half million into the Gold Coast Region with its multitude of canal estates.

These may well be under the sea within the lifetime of our children.

‘At present rates of economic growth the black coal deposits of Queensland will all be gone

before 2040, the carbon will be CO2 in the atmosphere making Queensland’s climate even

more inimical to future generations.

Wake up Premiers! Sustainable economic growth is an oxymoron. You can have one but

not both! For the sake of the future of our children and the world, recognise that the only

economic model which is consistent with a sustainable future is one that is dynamic but

steady-state, in which the size of the economy is bounded by Nature’s ability to sustain it,

concluded the president of Sustainable Population Australia.

Further information: Dr John Coulter, National President, Sustainable Population Australia

08 83882153


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