Population group welcomes bindi Irwin as youth ambassador

7 December 2013

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7 December 2013


Media release

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) is delighted to announce that Bindi Irwin has accepted its invitation to be its Youth Ambassador.

Bindi is the daughter of the original Wildlife Warrior and conservationist Steve Irwin. Bindi, 15, who has inherited her father’s love of animals, is an actress and television presenter who calls the Sunshine Coast’s iconic Australia Zoo home.

National president of SPA, Ms Jenny Goldie, says earlier in the year Bindi wrote an essay as part of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s endangered species initiative.

In responding to the request to say why she had devoted her life to wildlife conservation, Bindi had written:

I believe that most problems in the world today, such as climate change, stem from one immense problem which seems to be the ‘elephant in the room’ that no-one wants to talk about. This problem is our ever expanding human population. We are experiencing Earth’s sixth mass extinction right now. Keep in mind that the previous five were caused by things like asteroid impacts or volcanic eruptions.

“The US State Department clearly did not approve and sent it back to Bindi, heavily edited with references to population cut. Bindi rejected the changes and duly withdrew it.

“This took great intelligence, courage and wisdom,” says Ms Goldie.

“Bindi has since made further references to discuss the issue of our ever expanding population indicating she is clearly committed to making a difference.”

Ms Goldie says Bindi understands the link between growth in population and habitat decline. Retention of quality and quantity of habitat is essential for other species’ health and survival.

Ms Goldie says it is hard to imagine anyone better than Bindi to be its Youth Ambassador.

Further information: Jenny Goldie 0401 921 453; Luke Reavley (Australia Zoo) 0419 643 509


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