Population growth stymies greenhouse targets (Mar)

16 February 2009

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26 March 2007

A record 135,000 babies were born in the last six months in Australia, and

immigration has reached a 17 year high, making the task of meeting future

greenhouse gas emission targets virtually unattainable, according to Sustainable

Population Australia Inc (SPA).

Australia’s latest population growth rate of 1.32 per cent – considered high even

among many Third World countries – makes Australia’s population forecasts of 28

million mid-century obsolete, says National President of SPA, Dr Ian Macindoe.

“A 1.32 per cent growth rate will see us reach 40 million around 2060”, he claimed.

“Population growth is a main driver of climate change. The more people there are,

the higher the emissions,” said Dr Macindoe, “and our Greenhouse Gas Emissions

are among the highest in the world. For example, each Australian emits twice as

much greenhouse gas as two Europeans, eighty Bangladeshis or 330 Ethiopians”.

Dr Macindoe claimed that Australia has to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to

10 per cent of current levels by mid-century – a task of monumental proportions – but

because of population growth per capita emissions will now need to be reduced to

around 6 per cent of current levels.

“This is such a radical change it does not bear contemplation,” says Dr Macindoe.

“Nevertheless, if we do nothing, the ramifications of global warming do not bear

contemplation either”.

Dr Macindoe noted that Australia is a profligate and unsustainable exploiter of the

world’s non-renewable resources, and therefore has a responsibility to the global

community to limit its population and its per capita environmental demand.

Real estate, building and construction interests seek to keep the demand for land

and housing high, and much of industry joins with government in seeking a generous

labour supply through fuelling a steady increase in immigration. These interests

make very large donations to political parties, noted Dr Macindoe.

“The push for a larger number of Australians by all political parties and large vested

interests shows a disdainful disregard for the welfare of others which can only be

described as racial arrogance or frank racism, and indicates a wilful disregard for our

own descendants,” Dr Macindoe concluded.

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