Queensland growth draining our water away (APR)

6 February 2009

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Monday 30 April 2007

The Queensland Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan

suggests each of us should be consuming only 270 litres per person per day by

2010, 30L/person/day down on the current rate. However, this is only a small

fraction of the water we consume say conservationists.

Mr Simon Baltais, President of Sustainable Population Australia SEQ

Branch, said that the State Government neglects to highlight just how much

water is required to support a resident in SEQ.

“By way of estimation (see attached) under the current growth rate in SEQ

the savings made by reducing our consumption by 30L/person/day will be

whittled away in 6 months after just one year of growth,” said Baltais. “Even half

this estimation and the savings made are gone in 12 months.”

“In reality, thousands of litres more are required per individual per day,”

said Baltais, “and our growing unsustainable population growth is consuming

Mega Litres more in a time of diminishing rainfall and failing water supply


Household consumption rate represents the direct use of water but is only

a small proportion of the water that is required to support a person living in South

East Queensland. It does not indicate the true use of water as it fails to identify

the indirect use, the quantity of embodied water content of the goods and

services we consume, import and export.

“While it is difficult to calculate the exact SEQ water embodied in the

goods and services required to support a resident it SEQ, it is clearly thousands

of litres more than the 270L/person/day quoted by the State Government,” said

Baltais. “The water issue is more than just about household consumption, every

time 1200 people arrive in SEQ we are losing Mega Litres of water a day before

they even turn on a tap or flush a toilet.”

For more information about this important issue:

Simon Baltais, President, SPA-SEQ, Mob: 0412 075 334

Sustainable Population Australia – SEQ Branch, Box 199, Mudgeeraba Qld 4213


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