State government pro-growth strategy is driving the water crisis (MAR)

27 March 2007

Media Releases 2007

Rapidly diminishing water, congested roads, vanishing green and open spaces

and insufficient recreational infrastructure are the hallmarks of the State Government’s

pro-growth strategy.

Mr Simon Baltais, President of Sustainable Population Australia SEQ Branch

said, “Since when is rapid population growth, which is so eagerly sought after by the

State Government, a solution to SEQ’s water crisis?”

“It was the State Government who advertised and encouraged interstate

migration. It was the State Government that opened up hundreds hectares of land for

residential development through their SEQ Regional Plan.  They cannot deny they

were one of the perpetrators of this growth,” said Mr Baltais.

The SEQ community is expected to assist in water conservation and accept

increasingly diminishing standards of living, yet any saving made through their efforts

is quickly lost to an increasing population.  While property developers get richer, the

residents of SEQ are becoming poorer, losing their quality of life.

“If the State Government had any thought for the future well being of current

and future residents of SEQ it would end its pipe dream of endless growth.”

Simon Baltais, President, SPA-SEQ Branch, Mb: 0412 075 334

Sustainable Population Australia – SEQ Branch, Box 199, Mudgeeraba Qld 4213


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