Tasmanian branch of sustainable population Australia established (MAY)

5 May 2004

Media Releases 2004


On Saturday, 8 May 2004 a Tasmanian branch of Sustainable Population Australia was set up.

Sustainable Population Australia Inc (SPA) is a non-profit community organisation committed to reducing population growth and highlighting the negative environmental and social effects of a growing population. Sustainable Population Australia has a branch in every other state.

Australia’s population is currently growing at the fastest rate for over a decade and Tasmania’s population is growing at the fastest rate on record, so now is an appropriate time for a debate about population.

Sustainable Population Australia recognises that we have a responsibility to our children and later generations to protect their environment. All conservation organisations in Australia seek to reduce individual environmental impact. Only SPA specifically emphasises the need to limit the size of the Australian population as a way of safeguarding the environment.

Population growth puts a strain on infrastructure such as roads, sewerage and water supply, and on services including hospitals and aged care facilities. A major factor in the huge increase in house prices in Tasmania is the increased number of people moving here. This has put prices out of reach of first home-buyers. Population is also an important factor in the forestry debate. The more people there are, the greater the demand for timber resources will be.

The Tasmanian branch of Sustainable Population Australia has members drawn from throughout the state. More information about SPA can be found on the national website at population.org.au. The Tasmanian branch can be contacted at tas@population.org.au

Further information:

Tom Nilsson (President SPA Tasmanian branch)
E: tas@population.org.au


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