SPA welcomes world vasectomy week but seeks focus on other contraceptive methods as well

15 November 2021

Media Releases 2021

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) welcomes World Vasectomy Week (November 13- 20) and notes that when a man has a vasectomy it is “an act of love” towards his wife or partner.

SPA national president Ms Jenny Goldie says that for too long women bore the primary responsibility for family planning.

“Vasectomies allowed men to share particular responsibility,” says Ms Goldie.

“Nevertheless, sterilisation of either sex, namely vasectomy and tubal ligation, has now been superseded by better methods.

“The introduction of the Mirena (progestogen releasing intrauterine device) a couple of decades ago was a revolution in women’s health because not only is it as reliable a contraceptive as sterilisation, but it has health benefits,” says Ms Goldie.

“For example, hysterectomy for menstrual problems is about twice as likely after sterilisation than when a Mirena is used. Furthermore, nurses can be taught IUD insertion whereas male and female sterilisation are operations with potential surgical complications.

“Nevertheless, where there is a paucity of medical care, vasectomy may be the better option.

“Unfortunately for developing countries, properly set up family planning clinics are often found wanting.  There can be disastrous results of this – shocking women’s health as well as too many babies being born.

“The British college of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has done great work in setting up family planning clinics, particularly in Africa. Unfortunately, the Australian college has a long way to go in this respect.”

Ms Goldie says that SPA looks forward to celebrating, not World Vasectomy Week, but World Contraception Week, which showcases the full range of contraceptive methods available.

“We need to highlight the gaps in the provision of contraception and then, knowing where they are, do our best to fill those gaps with well-funded and well-staffed clinics.”


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