30 May 2014

SPA newsletter 116 – Jun 2014

    • Katharine Betts: Ageing a triumph, not a disaster


    • Nicholas Stuart: A bigger population will not guarantee more prosperity


    • Leith van Onselen: High immigration is creating an illusion of growth


    • Associate Prof William Grey: population, resources, and the environment in the 21st century


    • Em Prof Tony McMichael AO: Climate change, other disruptive socio-environmental changes and human wellbeing and health


    • Em Prof Bob Douglas AO: Migration morals in the balance


    • Book review: The Once and Future World Nature as it was, as it is, and as it could be (author J B MacKinnon)


    • Book review: Oil and Honey the education of an unlikely activist (author Bill McKibben)


    • Book review: Cosmopolitan Conservationists – Greening Modern Sydney (author Peggy James)


    • Parliamentary prayers


    • Anne Tennock: Ethiopian sustainable farming drowning under too many people


    • Dr John Coulter awarded life membership of Sustainable Population Australia


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