29 August 2014

SPA newsletter 117 – Sep 2014

    • Crawford Fund Parliamentary Conference told that if we are to provide food for nine billion we must invest in women, which must include sexual health and reproductive rights.


    • Tim Roberts and Nigel Stace (University of Newcastle): Mankind – ten billion or two billion? Facing the 21st Century version of the

      Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


    • Leith van Onselen: Abbott’s toxic immigration policy


    • Dr George Browning: The Christian Church must support family planning, grapple with poverty, and refuse to accept an economic system that is based on population growth


    • Dr Paul Collins: Ethics 101 says we are the summit, the ecstasy, of the world.  The new Ethics 101 must recognise that the good of the natural world comes first


    • Dr John Coulter: With the world population increasing by 80 million each year, migration cannot solve the catastrophe which is unfolding.


    • Book review: Adventures in the Anthropocene – a Journey to the Heart of the Planet We Made (Author Gaia Vince)


    • Book review: Facing the Population Challenge – Wisdom from the Elders (Editor Marilyn Hempel)


    • Jane O’Sullivan: SPA’s submission on Child Marriage


    • SPA Queensland Branch: population offsets


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