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29 January 2015

SPA newsletter 119 – Feb 2015

    • Hon. Kelvin Thomson MP talks about Australia’s continuing population growth and its impacts on employment


    • Peter McDonald, Professor of Demography at Australian National University, tells us there are no formal qualifications required to call oneself a demographer


    • Economics analyst Leith van Onselen compares the employment rates of Roy Morgan Research and the Australian Bureau of Statistics


    • Extract from Ockhams Razor talk by ecologist Melvin Bolton, tackles ‘Big Australia’ arguing that there are optimum sizes for everything.


    • The University of Southampton’s James Dyke looks at the latest planetary boundaries updates which show that humanity is increasingly at risk as a consequence of pressures being placed on those boundaries.


    • Book reviews of the magnificent photographic essay Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot published by the Foundation for Deep Ecology; plus a fiction set in the near future, Cull written by Stafford Ray.


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