7 August 2020

SPA newsletter 140 – August 2020

In this newsletter you will find

  • a front-page story about plummeting immigration in light of the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • an opinion article by Club of Rome’s Dennis Meadows on the future degrowth of populations, resource use and energy;
  • a response by Jane O’Sullivan to the recent Lancet study on global population projections;
  • Crispin Hull on a positive outcome of the Black Death; Missy Thurston on the need to embrace women’s rights  for the sake of sustainability;
  • a summary of the report on global food security by the Commission for the Human Future;
  • a book review of Julian Cribb’s “Food or War”; the 2020 Unsung Hero award;
  • an obituary to a co-founder of SPA;
  • a letter by Peter Green; a hymn by Paul Prentice; a new book of poems;
  • as well as the branch and communication manager’s reports.

Happy reading!

PDF icon Aug-SPA-140.pdf

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