1 August 2023

SPA newsletter 152 – August 2023

In this issue you will find

  • a front page article questioning why the government is ignoring numerous surveys that show Australians want less immigration and lower population growth.
  • There are three Opinion articles; two on Big Australia and another on the need for a common agenda as we try and accommodate millions more people in the world in coming decades.
  • There is a book review of “The Path to a Sustainable Civilisation”, a ‘Meet the Member’ page, in this case, Simon Cole,
  • and then there is a ‘Meet the Staff’ page focussing on our newest staffer Mathisha Wahikala.
  • Michael Bayliss reports on communication activities and then there are the usual branch reports with some nice pictures!
  • Finally we report on US climate envoy John Kerry saying a projected global population of 10 billion is ‘untenable’.

Happy reading!

Newsletter 152, August 2023

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