6 July 2010

NSW branch report: June 2010

The NSW Branch recently held a public forum with Kelvin Thomson who outlined his concerns about our current population projections and offered his proposals for stabilising Australia’s population. Before the meeting Kelvin Thomson had been addressing the 2050 Popuulation Summit. The summit was too expensive for the branch to attend so a decision was taken to give some literature to attendees as they entered the summit. This had some success but it seems the overall theme of the summit was to accept population growth as inevitable and search for ways to reduce the impact of growing numbers. 


The branch has been discussing ways of attracting new members and we have had some signs made up which may help to do this. The signs will be placed at traffic snarls and hopefully get enough attention that some people will take the step of visiting the website and joining. They can also be used to stop pedestrians in a busy street to hand them a brochure and give a short pitch about joining SPA. Please click to download attachment.

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