16 September 2011

Overloading Australia

Overloading Australia Book Cover

This is the first book published in Australia that argues the ‘heretical’ view that Australia is overpopulated, and that government plans to increase our population by another 40 per cent by 2050 are irresponsible folly.

Mark O’connor and William Lines show why it is necessary to cap Australia’s population growth, and that it is possible to do this without policies that are inuhumane towards families and immigrants.

Overloading Australia is now in its third reprint. Thanks to a generous donation by entrepreneur Dick Smith, copies have been sent to all Australian politicians – federal, state and local.

In a score of punchy chapters the authors challenge the myths, expose the facts, and dent the denial industry. They blow the whistle on population policies that lead to clogged roads, water shortages, unaffordable housing and no place for refugees; then provide new and fair ways to think about the issues and to limit Australia’s future population size.
Those arriving at this page from Mark O’Connor’s “Australian Poet” website may wish to explore further the only Australian website devoted to Population and Environmental issues. Using the navigation bar at the head of this page you can get access to over 700 pages of population related content.

To order a copy of Overloading Australia , click the following URL: http://www.australianpoet.com/docs/oa_order_form.pdf or copy and paste the line in the address bar of your browser.
To read Mark’s Overloading Australia blog, go to http://markoconnor-australianpoet.blogspot.com/2011/07/updates-to-book-overloading-australia.html

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