14 May 2015

“Population and ageing: disaster or triumph?”

Following the SPA AGM held in Adelaide on the 7th March this year (2015) the organisers ‘treated’ the public and the assembled members to a symposium titled “Population and Ageing: Disaster or Triumph?”  Three speakers,  Dr Katharine Betts, Dr. Jane O’Sullivan and Associate Professor Philip Lawn delivered powerful presentations examining the current debate on population aging.


The Powerpoint presentations accompanying each talk have been made available by each speaker and are attached here as PDF’s and links ae provided to the video presentations of each.  You are encourged to download for use in personal research.


They are;


The PDF of Dr Betts talk is available at – The Benefits of an Aging Population


The video discussion by Dr. Betts can be viewed (or downloaded) at https://youtu.be/M5zXWNvh8Lg


The PDF of Assoc. Prof. Lawn’s talk is available at – Myths about Superannuation and the Intergenerational Debate


The discussion by Assoc. Prof. Lawn can be viewed (or downloaded) as two YouTube videos. The complete talk was split into two for ease of handling and are preented as follows;


Part 1. https://youtu.be/M5zXWNvh8Lg


Part 2. https://youtu.be/et5Kt1NVwlQ


The PDF of Dr Jane O’Sullivan’s talk is available at – Popular Aging Myths Debunked: A sustainable future cannot be reached through the pursuit of youthfulness,


The discussion by Dr. Jane O’Sullivan can be viewed (or downloaded) as three YouTube videos. The complete talk was split into three for ease of handling and are preented as follows;


Part 1 is at:


Part 2 is at:


Part 3 at:

These very powerful talks strikes right at the heart of so many of the assumptions being made about the aging of the population and you are encouraged to share it as widely as possible


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