16 September 2011

Population on facebook

SPA is now represented on Facebook! Victorian member Baz Bardoe created the global Sustainable Population Australia group to expand the group’s media coverage.


The online group includes a discussion board, where members can post population themed articles and links, as well as a wall in which they can post comments.


There are also many other population-themed groups on Facebook, including ‘Zero Population Growth’, ‘Curb Your Population’ and ‘The Global Population is 6592707787+’.


SPA and non-SPA members alike are free to join. So if you’re on Facebook, type in ‘Sustainable Population Australia’ in the ‘Search’ box and join the group! You can then invite other Facebook friends to join, and help spread the message. If you’re not already on Facebook, and want to join, go to www.facebook.com and fill in your details to become a member.

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