Media Releases 2017

Population growth threatens indigenous culture (AUG)

Aug 8, 2001 for International Day of the World’s Indigenous People – August 9 Continued high population growth threatens the survival of Aboriginal culture, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). Speaking on the eve of International Day for of the World’s Indigenous People, National Vice-President of SPA Dr John Coulter says that, since Aboriginal culture is …

Population Growth Threatens Indigenous Culture (Aug) Read More »

Ecological ethics versus entry for asylum seekers: australia’s moral dilemma (JUL)

Australians must weigh the obligation to care for fellow humans in need against the good of the environment and the rights of future generations, according to Dr Paul Collins, author and broadcaster. Dr Collins says the debate about accepting refugees and asylum-seekers has been conducted in a trite and naïve manner. “One side argues we …

Ecological Ethics Versus Entry For Asylum Seekers: Australia’s Moral Dilemma (Jul) Read More »

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