18 May 2014

‘Skeptics in a pub’ meeting powerpoint produced as a PDF

The issue of human population has become the “elephant in the room”: huge but ignored by so many. In fact, human numbers count and count decisively. Uniquely, population is the multiplier of all. Without a humane resolution to the problem of population growth, all other causes will, sooner or later, become lost causes. It is high time to face the challenge and refute the many myths that surround it. held at The Bridge Hotel Castle Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Wednesday, May 14 2014(Please Note)  I’ve been asked to upload a Powerpoint presentation of the talk listed above, to this DRUPAL site so that you can download and either use the file in presentations or as you will in creating your own presentations.  This a bit difficult as I don’t have access to the server or to the backend of the site.  I have downsized the images to reduce the file size and make it easier to use (the original is over 20mbs, this file is just 7.0mbs) and converted to a PDF as I’m not sure the presentation (ppt) software will work on this site and powerpoints are not permitted formats at this level, but if you have the latest Adobe Reader you should be able to use this file as a presentation file (but probably lose the slide animations?)  Anyway, if you are interested please give this a try and if you strike any problems email jwsandigroper@gmail.com and I will send the full ppt via email.  Thanks John Weaver

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