2 February 2012

SPA AGM 2012 – draft agenda & documents for members

The SPA AGM for 2012 will be held at 9:30am, April 14th at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Draft Agenda

9:00 Registration

9:30 Start


    1. Welcome: NSW Branch President Kris Spike


    1. Present:


    1. Apologies: (Send apologies to NSW Branch Secretary Peter Green: peter@pwgreen.id.au)


    1. Minutes of 2011 AGM


    1. Business Arising from Minutes


    1. Reports:
        1. National President (Sandra Kanck)


        1. National Treasurer (Michael Banyard)
            • Motion: That the Treasurer’s Report be accepted


            • Motion: That the Auditor be appointed




        1. National Secretaries (Jill Quirk / Nola Stewart)




    1. Election of National Executive:  Returning Officer Gordon Hocking


    1. Motions:  R.O. Gordon Hocking


    1. Other Business:
        1. State branch hosting next AGM


        1. Any other business







NOTE: Guest Speakers: After a break following the AGM, Guest Speakers Julian Cribb, author of ‘The Coming Famine’, and Graham Turner of CSIRO will address the meeting.


Documents: attached are 3 documents for members:


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