30 June 2022

SPA appoints new Social Media and Promotions Coordinator

SPA is pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Tye as our new Social Media and Promotions Coordinator.

Martin is passionate about the population issue and is a long-time member of SPA. He describes himself as a committed environmentalist who has a strong understanding of how population, economics and ecosystems inter-relate.



In addition, he is a representative of CASSE (the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy) and sees much common ground between the work of the two organisations.

Martin has also run three times as a political candidate, has delivered numerous presentations and has a proven social media presence with over 8,000 personal followers on Twitter, where he has regularly tweets on overpopulation and degrowth related topics.

Martin is from a small business background, holds a BSc in Applied Geography and has intensively studied ecological economics and population related issues for over a decade.

In his spare time Martin is a keen surfer, loves getting into the outdoors and enjoys reading history.  He will be bringing this unique combination of skills, plus plenty of passion and energy to his new role with SPA.

SPA is very excited to be welcoming Martin to the team.  With Martin’s expertise, we are looking forward to moving leaps and bounds with our social media and online outreach.

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