15 July 2021

SPA members interviewed on podcast and radio

June and July 2021 are proving to be two busy months for SPA,  with our media release in response to the Intergenerational Report receiving significant media attention and many letters to the editor being published in recent weeks.

In addition,  several key SPA members have been interviewed across Podcasts and talk-back radio.

Dr. Jane O’Sullivan was interviewed on the award winning ‘This Sustainable Life’  podcast hosted by Joshua Spodeck.  Jane debunks the ‘ageing population crisis’ myths with Joshua as they explore SPA’s discussion paper ‘Silver Tsunami or Silver Lining’  in which Jane was lead author.

Dr.  John Coulter was interviewed on the Post-Growth Australia Podcast for World Population Day.  50 years ago in 1971,  John wrote an ad to The Australian calling to an end to limits to growth and signed by hundreds of esteemed scientists.  5 decades later  he reflects on his time as a senator for The Democrats and as one of the founding members of SPA.

Our Communications Manager Michael Bayliss was recently interviewed by Tom Elliot on Melbourne’s 3AW Drive to respond to the ‘Change Champions Special Award’  that was given to The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex for their stopping at two children.  This award caused a stir in the media so Michael was invited on to speak to this award and further on SPA’s ‘Stop at 2’ campaign and our World Population Day media release.



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