28 March 2012

SPA national AGM 2012

Time & Date


The SPA AGM for 2012 will be held at 9:30am, April 14th.




The venue is University of Technology Sydney, Haymarket Campus, lecture room 31.  From north end of Quay St: Block C, gnd flr, down corridor, turn right, on right; or Block D and through courtyard and sliding door, turn right, on right.



Click on the map above to view the location on Google Maps.



Note the entrance on Quay St.



The above image indicates the particular room (in yellow).




To view the draft agenda, candidate statements and other documents for members, please go to the following notification:






There will be a forum following the AGM led by three distinguished speakers.  Julian Cribb, Graham Turner and Dexter Dunphy.


    • It’s time for a reality check.  At 11am Julian Cribb will explain the reasons why we are facing future famine.  Julian, one of Australia’s foremost science communicators, has 32 awards for journalism and has authored and and edited eight books including The Coming Famine.  (http://www.sciencealert.com.au/jca.html)


    • At 1:30pm Dr Graham Turner will speak about the famous book “Limits to Growth”.  Contrary to popular myths, Graham’s research shows that their ‘business-as-usual’ scenario of global collapse over coming decades, is a remarkably accurate account of the global economic-environmental system.  Both their work and Graham’s more detailed modelling of the Australian system indicate that achieving sustainability requires herculean changes in population, technology, consumption and work-life balance. Following a distinguished career as a physicist, Graham is now a whole-of-system sustainability analyst at the CSIRO.  (http://www.csiro.au/files/files/plje.pdf)


    • At 3:15 Professor Dexter Dunphy will lead a discussion on corporate change programs aiming for sustainability.  Dexter is a leading authority on corporate sustainability, and supporter of sustainability initiatives within the University of Technology Sydney and other organisations.  He is Emeritus Professor in the School of Management at University of Technology Sydney.



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