9 February 2013

SPA national AGM 2013

The SPA AGM will be held in Brisbane on Saturday 13 April.

The meeting will be followed by a public forum and a dinner. All members are encouraged to attend. The forum is a great way to introduce friends and colleagues to SPA, so please spread the word. Anyone from out of Brisbane who needs advice on accommodation or transport, please feel free to contact qld@population.org.au or ph (07) 3379 8090.


Date: 13th April 2013

Venue: Abel Smith Theatre, University of Queensland (Blg 23, St Lucia Campus)


    • 9:00 for 9:30 am: Annual General Meeting
        • Motion Dealing with Changes to SPA’s Constitution: Limited tenure of office bearers
            • The following clause to be inserted under section 5 – COMMITTEES, 5.1Elections, after the words, “including the previous incumbent of the position”:


            • “except that no member shall re-nominate for a position if they have held that position for four consecutive years”



Attached to this web page is the proxy voting form to be used by SPA members for remote voting on the above motion. Proxies and apologies may be sent to the returning officer David Robertson deltakilo@iprimus.com.au


    • 11:00 am to 4.30 pm: Public Forum (see attached flyer)



Dialogue on a crowded planet: Population policy and dwindling resources


Murray Lane         Population carrying capacity – past and present

Michael Lardelli   Australia’s fuel and food insecurity and the ongoing propaganda war over Peak Oil

Simon Michaux    Peak mining and the implications of current corporate culture management of natural resources

Ian Lowe              Population and Public Policy

Entry $5 – morning and afternoon tea provided (Lunch available from campus outlets)


    • 6:00 pm: Dinner



JK Restaurant Tandoori and Curry House


CNR Station Road & Riverview Terrace, Indooroopilly

Bus route 428 from university campus.

RSPV by 5 April to qld@population.org.au

Brisbane public transport trip planner is at http://translink.com.au/

UQ-St Lucia Campus Map is at http://www.uq.edu.au/maps/


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