5 June 2021

SPA releases updated population position and policy statement

SPA has released a revised statement on its population position and policies. The statement lays out the basic scientific facts and moral principles that guide SPA’s position and policy recommendations on population. In particular this new statement explains:

  • What are SPA’s Vision, Mission and Objectives
  • Why it is necessary to bring an end to population growth in Australia and globally
  • How this can be done fairly and without discrimination (racial or otherwise)
  • What is the role of immigration in Australia’s population growth
  • The levels of immigration that are feasible for an ecologically sustainable population in Australia
  • The practical policy actions that we should be demanding of the Federal Government to help bring about a stable and sustainable population in Australia, and the world.

This document is a clear, concise and easy-to-read statement of what SPA stands for.  The statement can be viewed here. (PDF)

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