Submission re the clean energy legislation 2013

22 November 2013

The content of this submission is included in the PDF version attached. The conclusions are thus:
The Government’s claimed concern about power bills is insincere and dishonest.
To demonstrate sincere concern about Australian household cost of living, the Government should conduct an inquiry into the impact of population policy choices on the Australian economy.
This was not achieved in Minister Tony Bourke’s “Sustainable Population Strategy” which contained no quantitative evidence of the claim that population growth benefits the economy.
If the Abbott government wants to meet international emissions reduction targets through direct action, it would be well advised to reduce immigration and birth incentives. This will not only alleviate the growth in energy demand, but also lighten the fiscal burden of new infrastructure, leaving more funds available for climate action.



Dr. Jane O’Sullivan
SPA delegate to the UNFCCC
Carbon Tax Repeal Submission

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