16 February 2012

Sustainable living festival – event

Mark O’Connor talk: Sustainability versus Australia’s growth lobby – Melbourne Feb 17th


SPA will hold a stall at the Melbourne Sustainable Living festival Birrarung Mar near Federation Square


    • Friday Feb 17th, noon – 8 pm
    • Saturday Feb 18th, 10am- 6.00pm
    • Sunday Feb 19th, 10am – 5.00 pm


Mark O’Connor (famous co-author of Overloading Australia) asks, should environmentalists resist Big Australia – and the densification of Melbourne? “In the long run, unless we can stop the endless growth of population and consumption, all environmental battles will be lost. Yet powerful vested interests distort our news and media to make us think growth is inevitable, and that we should live in ever more crowded cities. Mark O’Connor discusses how environmentalists can identify and defeat these forces.”



Article Date: Thursday, February 16, 2012
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