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A new petition to ‘Rethink Big Australia’ before the election

SPA member Simon Cole (currently on the QLD branch committee) has launched a new online petition calling for a reconsideration of Australia’s population policy before the next Federal election.   While this is not an official SPA campaign,  nevertheless,  we recommend heading to the change.org site and adding your signature to the petition. Link to the …

A new petition to ‘Rethink Big Australia’ before the election Read More »

Abbott/Morrison/Bernardi immigration press conference

The transcript of this morning’s Liberal announcement about its immigration target follows, featuring Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison. Abbott’s Parliamentary Secretary, dog-whistler Cory “ban the burqa” Bernardi is along for the ride. Article Link: http://blogs.crikey.com.au/thestump/2010/07/25/abbottmorrisonbernardi-immigration-press-conference/

Who do they think we are – 23 July 2010

IN Labor’s 2007 election campaign, strategists were convinced by their imported Geordie political adviser, Alan Milburn, that there is room for only “one fooking message” in a campaign. Three years on, the mantra seems to have stuck. Article Link:

Speech: ‘forward to a sustainable australia’, eidos institute, Brisbane 18th July 2010

Julia Gillard – Eidos is one of the nation’s leading public policy think tanks and I’m delighted to be here at the start of our nation’s 43rd Federal election campaign, a campaign in which the Australian people have the opportunity to exercise their most precious right in our democracy, the right to vote. ….. Article …

Speech: ‘Forward to a Sustainable Australia’, Eidos Institute, Brisbane 18th July 2010 Read More »

Words, but little real policy 20th July 2010

FOR most of the business community, this election campaign already feels too long. They know there will be little hope of rational discussion until Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott actually wins the election and gets back to making policy rather than making announcements, according to focus group polling. Article Link:

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