Andrews call for debate on slashing immigration

Arguing that Australians were deeply concerned about problems such as urban sprawl, overcrowding, traffic snarls and dwindling water supplies, Mr Andrews challenged Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s advocacy of ”a big Australia”. Risking stepping on the toes of his party’s new immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, he called for a debate on cutting the permanent immigration program …

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Asylum is still a numbers game

Barry Cohen | May 26, 2009 Article from:  The Australian IN the late 1890s, Moishe Koziwoda departed Russian occupied Poland in a vegetable cart to escape 30 years’ national service in the tsar’s army. Being Jewish, he was guaranteed the filthiest and most dangerous jobs. Few Jews survived.   From Germany he travelled to England where he …

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The Howard Government has pulled off a massive deception against the Australian people on the issue of immigration. The Government has focused attention on the issue of unauthorised boat arrivals, which has diverted attention away from immigration in general. It needs to be understood that less than 10 percent of immigrants who come to Australia …

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