Results of new TAPRI survey

Immigration –TAPRI survey Our friends at TAPRI (The Australian Population Research Institute) have released the results of their 2018 annual survey, coincidentally and unfortunately on the day the federal election was called – so there was only one story in town that day. That’s a pity because their report is about an issue which will …

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SPA takes on liz allen, Australia’s extinction crisis, and revamps our popforum

  President message: e-news, Oct 012018   SPA’s activism on your behalf continues with our submission to the Senate Environment Committee’s inquiry into ‘Australia’s Faunal Extinction Crisis’. You can read it here: https://population.org.au/articles/2018-09-18/spas-submission-senate-environment-committees-inquiry-australias-extinction. In April communication within SPA’s Yahoo groups became all but impossible, and as a consequence 80 or so members who are part …

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Dick Smith rally at Adelaide advertiser

Dick Smith, one of Australia’s most prominent population campaigners, addressed a rally outside the Adelaide Advertiser protesting press censorship especially on the issue of population and economic growth.
The video of his full speech is now available via Youtube.

A population parable

Once there was a village with 10 families who shared a 1000 litre waste bin between them. This meant they could each put in 100 litres of waste before the bin was full. The waste collection truck would come each month and swap the bin with another 1000 litre bin. However one day the waste …

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A lot more people, a lot harder to make those emission reductions (Sydney morning herald 20070402)

Sir Nicholas Stern insists Australia must cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent by 2050. Labor agrees. That means that by 2050 each one of us will have to adjust our lifestyles so that we individually produce just 40 per cent of the emissions we are responsible for today. Doesn’t it? Well, not …

A Lot More People, a Lot Harder to Make Those Emission Reductions (Sydney Morning Herald 20070402) Read More »

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