3 November 2011

Triple j’s ‘hack’ program’s coverage of 7 billion

Triple J, the ABC’s national youth channel, devoted a whole show to the 7 billion milestone and population problems. SPA’s Nick Car was one of the in-studio guests.The Triple J pre-recorded coverage and the frame of their questions of the studio guests was very much in line with SPA thinking and the presenter and producer seemed to intuitively understand the overall problems of population growth. Excerpts of lectures by people such as Jared Diamond linked over population and over consumption to societal collapse, so the biggest issues weren’t shied away from.

In discussion with the presenter and producer off-air after the show, Nick asked them how they came to have, in his opinion, a better understanding of population issues and the serious threat of over consumption driven by population than many other journalists. They simply said “it’s obvious” and it appears this understanding is the result of a small amount of honest research without predetermined points of view. Certainly the Triple J staff don’t tow a business or other agenda at the Hack show production and presentation level.

The Hack website is: http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/hack/ and podcasts of shows are available there. This particular show can be downloaded here:




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