21 January 2020

A United Nations framework convention on population growth.

There is an international movement to set up a United Nations Framework Convention on Population Growth that we invite all Australians to be part of.

The aim of this proposal is to establish a Framework Convention on Population Growth – one akin to the Paris Agreement for climate change with Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in pursuit of a sustainable population in every country.

As we are all aware, an equitable approach to population stability requires a global based approach built on consensus, cooperation and empowerment.  This proposal is one significant step towards achieving the vision, which aligns with the call to action included in the World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency: “Still increasing by roughly 80 million people per year, or more than 200,000 per day, the world population must be stabilized—and, ideally, gradually reduced—within a framework that ensures social integrity.”

Former MP Kelvin Thomson advocates this proposal and the work of its founder Rob Harding in a presentation to Sustainable Population Australia (link here at the 10:15 minute mark).

It is critical that issue of population is tackled both locally and globally.

To find out more about the proposal, or to join ScientistsWarning.org to be more involved, click here and spread the word!




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