5 April 2021

“Do we go big” – Sandra Kanck Presents to the McWhirter Foundation

On the 19th of February 2021, Sandra Kanck, National President of Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) was invited to speak to the McWhirter Foundation on the topic: ‘Do we go big, and if so how big is big? What are the implications for the economy, the environment, our cities, our regions and for us?”

Sandra was one of two speakers addressing an online conference attended by around 100 hand-picked year 11 and 12 students. The other speaker, giving the opposing position, was Dr Kim Johnstone, demographer and President of the Australian Population Association. The presentations were followed by a live QandA with the attending students.

We are happy to include Sandra Kanck’s presentation in this video with permission from the McWhirter foundation.



Unfortunately, the first four minutes of the presentation were unrecorded, so please keep in mind that this video misses an introduction and begins mid -sentence. At the point where the recording starts Ms Kanck is listing the source of attacks which are levelled at people and groups like SPA who advocate for the limiting of population growth’.

The references made to Tom Dusevic are in relation to an article written by him and published in The Australian on 26th December, 2020.

With Sandra’s kind permission,  we attach a PDF of the full transcript of her presentation, including the first four minutes that were not recorded.

Transcript Sandra K McWhirter Talk

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