4 November 2021

My Bulging City

Canberra residents are not going to keep quiet over their bulging city. Time to rethink Big Australia. Find out more.

In the last decade, Australia has been growing by nearly 400 000 people per year, or the size of a new Canberra every year. Of course, our nation’s capital itself has absorbed much of this growth.

Canberra has been growing at 1.5% per year since 2011 and at this rate will double in 45 years. But what does this rate of growth do to Australia’s bush capital? In this instalment of My Bulging City hosted by Rod Taylor on behalf of Sustainable Population Australia, Canberra residents share their concerns.

Skyscraper developments dominating the inner city landscape. New highways cutting through former peaceful meadows. Housing estates concreting over fertile growing soil. Expensive infrastructure projects that divide the community. Escalating housing prices which are shutting generations out of the housing market. Water shortages. Environmental degradation. All this and more put into question the endless growth paradigm that benefits a few to the cost of the many. But what can be done? Sustainable Population investigates in this brand new short video.

Find out more about SPA’s ‘My Bulging City’  campaign on this link

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